Self-portraits by Sammy Davis, Jr.

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-Xavier Tanner 2014

🎶Why you all in my grill?!🎶
Classic whip spotted in NOLA.


FALL TO BENIN is a simple but bold fashion editorial shot by Kent Andreasen in for the Autumn 13′ edition of Chasseur Magazine, Only When I Sleep.

The editorial features models Cheryl and Eunice styled with various pieces from local Cape Town designers, shops and brands.


Armando Cabral by Billy Kidd | Details Magazine


The photo blowing up!

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SS14 William Okpo

William Okpo is a women’s wear collection designed by sisters Darlene and Lizzy Okpo. A nurtured love for fashion and creativity brought about the birth of their collection, which is named after their father. The Okpo sisters wish to illustrate the unique aesthetic that results from the juxtaposition of the immigrant’s sense of style against American cultural sensibilities, offering the modern feminine designs with touches of masculine elements. William Okpo is for women who celebrate their cultivated sense of style.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


A Hustler’s Mantra // Poetry by Joekenneth Museau and photos by Rog Walker.


before @JesseBoykins3rd’s listening session for #LoveApparatus | (@JKschwaza + @CHRISturnerLC)

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