Akris Spring Summer 2014: Nyasha Matonhodze


“We all want to receive, but few of us are easily willing to let go. We love to get and hold on. We like to get attached, only for these things and people to be stripped from us by circumstances that are out of our hands. What we don’t realize is, we are all on a basketball court, hoping for someone to pass us the ball; or doing everything in our power to get the ball. And eventually we do get it. But you don’t get a point for getting the ball. To get a point you have to make a shot, which requires releasing the ball. And sometimes, if you’re not in the best position to make the shot yourself, it is wisest to pass the ball on to someone that is. Winning is about scoring, and scoring a point is all in the way you release the ball. You have to release it gracefully, and with intention, but most of all at the right time and not a moment after. The good news is, you will get the ball back again. In fact, you will find that the better you become at releasing the ball, the more likely it is for you to be passed the ball. So work on your shot, work on your release, whatever your basketball may be.”

- Jaime Lee Lewis (via themovementsmoving)


New York subway by Bruce Davidson

(Source: tevsmith)


Test Shots by Rog Walker

Jesse Boykins III in the studio with Rog and Bee


Self-portraits by Sammy Davis, Jr.

(Source: tinasinatra)




-Xavier Tanner 2014

🎶Why you all in my grill?!🎶
Classic whip spotted in NOLA.


FALL TO BENIN is a simple but bold fashion editorial shot by Kent Andreasen in for the Autumn 13′ edition of Chasseur Magazine, Only When I Sleep.

The editorial features models Cheryl and Eunice styled with various pieces from local Cape Town designers, shops and brands.

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